About Exist Integrations

Exist is a wonderful service. After signing up you connect different services to Exist. Key data points will consolidate into your Exist Dashboard. From a glance you can see your day represented by your physical activity, music you've listened to, how productive you are and much more. Out of the box Exist supports dozens of services.

Exist Integrations comes into play by enhancing your Exist Dashboard by allowing you to connect to more data sources!

Be sure to check out our Roadmap on changemap for future integrations that you will see on Exist Integrations.

Exist does cost money but is worth every penny - even at 10 times the price! Exist Integrations is free and will forever be free. This is really a labor of love.

Have a question or suggestion?

Please reach out to me and I'll be happy to discuss further: Contact Ryan Malesevich.