Exist Integrations

Exist allows you to track data from numerous services into your Exist Dashboard. With the Exist Dashboard you can understand your behavior.

Exist Integrations extends the value of Exist by connecting further data sources into your Exist Dashboard!

Exist Integrations works with:

  • Trakt - collects your Movie and/or TV watch history to Exist's aggregated Time watching TV attribute
  • WhatPulse - measures your keyboard usage and aggregates to Exists's aggregated Keystrokes attribute
  • Toggl Track - time entries get aggregated into attribute values based on mapping time entry projects to Exist attributes. Works with Time watching TV, Time gaming, Productive time, Neutral time, Distracting time and Time in pomodoros
  • YNAB - transactions recorded against included categories for your budget in You Need a Budget gets loaded to Exist's Money Spent attribute.

We are working more integrations and site improvements.

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Exist Integrations and Exist Dashboard