Exist Integrations has shut down...

Hi everyone,

First off, I want to thank you for utilizing Exist Integrations. I found Exist in a part of my life where tracking all the various elements made a noticeable impact to my life. I wanted to pick up coding again and if I could give back to the community then it was a win-win. Unfortunately, I can no longer sustain Exist Integrations and have made the difficult decision to shutter the site.

I had become increasingly uncomfortable with your data being stored on my server. I made attempts to clear out historical data regularly, but with the nature of how I developed the integrations I needed that information to manage the state on what got pushed to Exist. Trying to limit the data sent to Exist caused other issues when authorizations were revoked to Exist Integrations.

The plan was always to shutter my server and site and replace it with publicly available scripts that you could run on your own machines or servers.

While the scripts were a work in progress, to keep the site and server running would require development effort to be a better API-citizen.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to focus on this project. Keeping it online in its current state was a possibility if I cleared out the connections in the database but eventually it would run into the same issues. I'd feel obligated and stressed keeping the status quo. Lately, I've identified that I take on too many topics and am bordering on burn-out with work, family, and other projects. For my mental health, I needed to pull the bandage off and walk away. I wish I could have provided a longer runway to those that found the integrations useful.

I did make the code-base publicly available on GitHub. It was a Laravel application with the bulk of the logic living in the Services folder.

Maybe one day I'll be back with the independent scripts, but for now I need to focus on the areas of my life that need my attention.

All data has been removed from the database and the server. Anything sent to Exist will continue to live in Exist.